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Off-Road Diesel: What’s The Difference?

dyed off road diesel fuelYou may be familiar with automobile diesel fuel (the type that you put in your car) and the truck diesel that is sold at retail gas stations. But did you know there’s a third type of diesel that is used only for certain kinds of equipment and isn’t taxed by the U.S. government?

Off-road diesel, also known as dyed diesel, is a special type of diesel that can only be used in machines and equipment that do not operate on public roads or highways. This includes tractors, farming equipment, railway cars, marine vessels, front-end loaders, and construction equipment. Off-road diesel can also be used for generators and refrigeration units.

Because these items do not operate on U.S. roads and highways, off-road diesel is not subject to state and federal fuel taxes. This means that the price for off-road diesel is significantly lower than standard diesel. In fact, you could save up to 38 cents per gallon! However, don’t think about using Off Road tagged tractor fuel in your car to save yourself money – it is illegal to use off-road diesel in an on-road application. The diesel is therefore dyed to help the Department of Transportation distinguish it from the gas used for cars, SUVs, and trucks. More importantly, the formula in off-road diesel could also potentially damage your car.

If you have backhoes, excavators, generators, earthmovers, front-end loaders, diesel pumps, or any other types of equipment that need to be filled in central to northern Delaware, South Eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey, our team will come to your yard and fuel your equipment at your convenience. Superior customer service is our goal, so we customize each job to fit our clients’ schedules. What’s more, we offer our customers the option to receive a tank and pump so that you can fuel your equipment yourself.

As the winter season approaches, businesses and homeowners should make sure they’re ready for the cold and stormy weather headed our way. Though WeatherWorks’ 2013-2014 Winter Outlook suggests that December will be relatively mild for the Mid-Atlantic States, January and February are expected to produce below-normal temperatures, potentially culminating in several big winter storms along the East Coast. Plan ahead by making sure you have a backup generator, off-road diesel to fuel it, and a tank that will allow you to keep it running for longer periods of time if needed.

Ready to save $0.38 per gallon on your equipment fueling needs? 7Oil has you covered. Contact us at 856.786.0707, or fill out the form in the right sidebar.

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